Coils for vacuum packaging

Vacuum packaging is a packaging method that consists on removing the air from the inside of a wrapper in order to extend the expiration period of food. The plastic films used for the manufacture of the bags where the food is introduced are little permeable to air, thus, preventing the proliferation of aerobic bacteria.

Vacuum packaging of meat removes most of the harmful bacteria included in the food, extending its service life up to 10 days. Also, the packaging of cured products such as cold meats extends their service life for months.

In their facilities, our customers from the food industry have thermoforming and/or heat-sealing machines that they use with the film coils we supply to prepare the packaging adapted to the size and shape of their products. In the case of thermosealing, polyethylene or polypropylene pre-formed trays are used, which are covered with a film of the same material. For heat-sealing, we supply both the film sheet that will make the bottom of the container as well as the top or lid of the same.


in laminated material


in coextruded material



Thermoforming in laminated material:

We have our own laminator, so the variety and combination of materials we can work with is extensive.

The composition and thinness of the laminated film varies depending on the packaging needs, and just as in the case of the bags, we produce sheets of polyamide/polyethylene, polyester/polyethylene, with barrier treatments such as EVOH or Saranizado, with peelable treatment…

The widths and the quantity of linear meters per coil are always customized and adapted to the needs of our customers, since we have our own slitter/rewinder machine of plastic materials for that purpose.


At Vacioplast s.l. we specialize and differentiate ourselves from the competition due to the manufacture of high-quality laminated material.

Thermoforming in coextruded material:

Coextrusion is a technology that incorporates several layers of polymers with different properties in a single flexible film or sheet, thus allowing to achieve barrier properties necessary for each type of product, that is, products adapted to the needs of our customers.

On the other hand, our facilities give us the advantage of a great capacity of inventory of these materials, and the combination of all these allows us to manufacture the coils based on the customer’s measurements, with the materials indicated, and adapted to the different thinness and barrier characteristics that the specific food product may require.


Our suppliers of coextruded plastics are leading domestic and international companies in the industry, with very high-quality standards.


Depending on the specific characteristics and needs of the food to be preserved, the type of tray and the sealing machine used, we can supply materials with different barrier characteristics, moisture tolerance, anti-fog capability, ease of opening by the final customer.

These are all high-quality laminated materials and their manufacture and later cut, based on the measurements that the customer requires for their coils, is made entirely in our facilities, from the raw material supplied by our trusted suppliers.


At Vacioplast s.l. we specialize and differentiate ourselves from the competition due to the manufacturing proccess.


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